I am a Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and English at Williams College. My collection of poems, Habitat of Stones (Tebot Bach 2017), was selected by Mark Irwin for the Patricia Bibby First Book Award. I am shopping my poetry manuscript On What Sun and composing a third collection of poems.


At Williams College I teach science and technology studies (STS), literature, and writing. My STS courses emphasize the histories of techno-scientific practices – and of our debates about them – that we often take for granted. My literature and writing courses emphasize literature’s interpretive richness and, especially, the value of attending to its myriad forms.

In every course, I teach clear expression and self-awareness in the writing process, and I emphasize the value of reading and writing skills to a committed ethical and civic life.

As an instructor I foster cultural inclusivity and equitable access to education across the Williams College’s diverse student body. In my classrooms, we discuss the social construction of knowledge and the forces (including imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia) that presently and historically have shaped techno-scientific practices, literary canons, reading, writing, and literary and historical criticism.


My research interests include narrative studies, science and technology studies, metafiction, speculative fiction, literalism, character, and the pedagogies of expository and creative writing.


The games that thrill me are chess and poker, one a game of perfect information, the other a beautiful blend of chance and choice. Each has been the object of A.I. research, and computers have changed both games significantly.


E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @efeldman7b